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Early Beginnings

CBTS, as it is commonly called today, started in 1947 in Belo. Missionaries from the North American Baptist denomination were organizing churches at the time and saw the need to train pastors to serve in these churches. So CBTS was established.  The first student body was comprised of fourteen part-time students. Rev. Don S. Ganstom was appointed as the first principal-teacher, assisted by Rev. Stephen N. Nteff and Mrs. Lois Ahrens. Clearly from the beginning the hand of the Lord was upon this educational enterprise. The student body continued to grow steadily.

Relocations to Mbem and Ndu

After three years of existence, CBTS was moved to Mbem in 1950. The student body continued to grow to 28 students. The growth of the school also made imperative the appointment of part-time teachers. Missionaries took turns to go to Mbem and teach for a month or more.  In 1954 after considering many things, including future expansion, the school was moved to Ndu with 41 students. As the school expanded its programmes, dormitories and staff quarters were constructed. During the time of 1954-1959 classes were held in temporary buildings.

Changes of Name

In 1954, when the school was moved from Mbem to Ndu, the name was changed from Cameroon Baptist Mission Bible School to Baptist Bible Training Centre, Ndu. In 1973, it was again changed, but retaining the former initials, to Baptist Bible Training College to indicate its secondary level status. Then in 1983 the name was changed to Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary, this time to show its status as a degree-offering institution. Following this change of status, in 1988 the title for the position of Principal was changed to that of President.


Between 1960 and 1972 under the leadership of Rev. Elmer C. Strauss, plans were made for the construction of new classrooms, a library/office building, and a chapel. North American Baptist churches financed these buildings. Later in 1981 an extension was added to the library, turning the old library into a reading room and making a new book stacks area and offices for the library. This was followed by some renovation of the main single students’ dormitory into several smaller room units and the building of three more adequate staff houses. Since then two rooms have been added to the library, a conference room on the eastern side and two classrooms on the western side of the building.  One of the rooms on the western side now serves as the Solomon Nforgwei Memorial Library. In 1998, The Baptist World Alliance donated funds for the construction of another extension, on the western side of the main library.  This is still in the process of being furnished.  The churches of the NAB provided funds for the reading tables of this extension.

In 1985 a school for teaching missionary children (CAN) was built. In 1996 it was remodeled and made into a building for the Women's Ministries Department, with office and classroom space, a conference room, a small sewing room, and modern kitchen facility for domestic science classes. During 1995-1996, a Child Care Centre was built. The Bethlehem Baptist Church of Minneapolis, USA also donated funds for the two-story building (the Bethlehem Complex), which now provides enough space for offices, the Wycliffe Hall, and fourteen classrooms.

Principal and Presidents

The seminary has been served through the years by a number of men who have given able leadership as principal/president. These men are listed here, indicating the years they served as the head of the institution.

            Rev. Don S. Ganstom                                          1947-1950
            Rev. Earl H. Ahrens                                            1950-1960
            Rev. Elmer C, Strauss                                         1960-1969
            Rev. George W. Lang                                          1970-1971
            Rev. Dr. Louis Johnson                                        1971-1973
            Rev. J.N. Nfor                                                    1973-1985
            Rev. Alfred V. Bumuh                                          1985-1987
            Rev. David H. Burgess                                        1987-1988
            Rev. Kenneth Gullman                                        1988-1993
            Rev. Alfred V. Bumuh                                          1993-1994
            Rev. Kenneth Gullman (First President)                1994-1995
            Rev. Doctor Wilfred Fon                          1995-2009
            Rev. George Mbongko                                        2009-Present



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