Campus Life

CBTS is an institution for excellence in learning and a community of those committed to Jesus Christ. In this community all strive to build meaningful relationships, shape personal convictions, and strengthen social responsibilities for the glory of God. Guidelines have been set to help all within this community live by biblical principles and show harmony with one another while being faithful to Jesus Christ. In case of any offence the principles stated in Matthew 18:15-17, Galatians 6:1-2, and Ephesians 4:32 are applied.

Spiritual Life

Chapel services are held from Monday through Friday and prayer groups meet on Sundays. Students are encouraged to spend time each morning in the Word and in prayer. Spiritual Life classes are taught to help deepen a spiritual perspective for daily living in the student, which will then mature them as spiritual leaders.

Students’ Responsibilities

All students are expected to be neat at all times and equally to attend all CBTS activities on time as specified. The community takes care of the campus as assigned.

Campus Housing

Limited dormitory space is available on campus for single men, single women, and families. Family housing applies only for those whose wives are also studying at CBTS and priority is given to those closest to graduation. Furniture provided by the school remains property of the school. Students are charged utility fees for use of water and electricity.

Student Government

As in every other community, students have their government that is run on democratic principles to address issues that the student body encounters.

Campus Facilities

There is a Bookshop where goods are sold at moderate prices to students and staff.  The Students’ Union Building is currently being renovated into a School Canteen where both students and faculty can meet for recreation and social interaction.

Computer Lab

The Seminary runs a computer lab for students’ computer and information technology classes. This lab is also available for their assignments and research. 


The CBTS sports programme includes a variety of activities for both male and female students. The student body and staff regularly compete in football (men), handball (men and women), and volleyball (co-ed). Annual tournaments are held in each sport to determine each year’s Cup holder. Facilities and equipment for basketball, tennis, and table tennis are also available.


CBTS is a community of worship, and music is one of the ways we express our joy and praise to God. We organize Music Chapel services, and also have a number of music groups, including the CBTS Choir (commonly referred to as the School Choir), French Choir, and the Evangelical Choir. The Praise Festival is an annual school event which brings together our music groups and other invited choirs to usher in the Christmas season in music.

Child Care Center

The Child Care Center (CCC) started in 1972 as a children’s room to care for children whose mothers were studying in the Women’s Ministries Department. Originally there were 25 pre-schoolers who were cared for by two paid baby-sitters. Today the Child Care Centre is a quickly growing ministry, caring for children whose parents are studying in all departments of the Seminary. A dedicated staff is committed to taking care of these children and helping them grow physically and spiritually while their parents study.

Elementary School

The number of children at the Child Care Center increased with the surging enrolment at CBTS.  Considering both the increased number of the children, and the need for their safety, the Administration decided to begin a nursery school.  The proper care that children received in the school became a motivation for the inhabitants of Ndu to send their children to the school.  This naturally evolved into a complete Elementary School.  In 2012 the Cameroon Ministry of Basic Education recognized the school as a Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Bilingual Primary and Nursery School.  The school graduated its first batch of Class Six pupils with a 100% success at the Cameroon Government Entrance Examination.  The Administration of the Seminary manages this school independent of the CBC Education Board.

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